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Speed up deal closures using WaLead's advanced Google extension

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Save time with WaLead's Google Extension

Forget about the manual and tedious copy-paste of lead information.

Save LinkedIn leads

Simplify lead management by saving LinkedIn leads with just one click.

Save multiple profiles

Save multiple leads from LinkedIn and review them later.

Customize information

Modify and add new lead information within WaLead's CRM.


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Click the "Add to WaLead" Button

Instantly save LinkedIn leads while browsing by clicking the 'Add to WaLead' button that will appear on the LinkedIn user's profile.


Access lead information

Once in the pipeline, retrieve lead details immediately, such as name, image, email, phone, among others.


Customize information

Easily edit and adapt lead information according to your preferences.


Optimize your time

With our easy and intuitive pipeline, drag the lead to the appropriate phase or mark it as won or lost.


WaLead is your CRM, easy and intuitive

Meet your company's sales needs and save dozens of hours of work

Browse through LinkedIn and save leads as you go

1. Streamlined Processes

2. Effortless Exploration

3. Find all your saved profiles

Save LinkedIn Leads Instantly with our Google Extension

1. Use the 'Add to WaLead' button

2. Access your lead's information instantly

3. Optimize your workflow

Efficient Capture of LinkedIn Profile Information

1. Stop copying and pasting lead information

2. Forget about downloading images

3. Dump information automatically

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How to download the extension?

The WaLead extension is easy to download. First, visit our pricing page and choose a plan. After logging into our CRM, you will follow the provided steps to set up your profile and download the extension.

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Can I customize the information after saving the lead?

Yes, you can customize the saved information. WaLead allows you to adjust preferences and modify data. By clicking on your lead's card, you can easily and quickly edit the information and add any details that may not have been automatically captured.

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Is the WaLead extension compatible with all LinkedIn profiles?

The WaLead extension is designed to be compatible with personal LinkedIn profiles; however, it does not work with company accounts.

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How are the captured data synchronized with the WaLead CRM?

The captured data is automatically synchronized with the extension developed by WaLead. Once you save a profile from LinkedIn, the information is instantly reflected in your CRM, ensuring efficient and up-to-date lead management.

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