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See how your business is performing at all times

How about saving hundreds of leads with a simple click? WaLead simplifies your sales, removing manual tasks while boosting your SDRs to overcome their Quotas.

Save Leads Instantly

Save Leads Automatically

Save Leads in just one-click with our Chrome Extension.

Help your salesteam free up +2 hours of daily workload.

Scrap your leads info

With WaLead's extension you now can find valious data about your leads: Email, Phone Number, Job Title...

Custom your Lead Page

Highly accured data

For the correct personalization, you need a sales tool that makes it easy for you to save several types of information about you lead:
1. Email, phone, LinkedIn URL, Address, Company...
2. Deal size $, last contact, probability...
3. Notes, Lead owner, Tags, stage...

All Sales Actions in one-click

With our platform, you will be able to take sales actions much faster:
- Send emails with one click
- Call you leads with one click
- Go to your lead's webpage with one click
- Access your lead's LinkedIn profile with one click

And much more...

It's not only about saving leads fast

Make your Pipeline Easy

Sales made Easy

If you are and AE or Manager, you should have the perfect B2B tool to understand the keypoints about your lead.

If you are and SDR/BDR, you deserve having a tool that helps you close more deals, save your time and reach your Quota.

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Save hours of work by automating everyday tasks


Save LinkedIn leads with just 1 click, you don't waste your time scrapping data.

Post Scheduling

Schedule your LinkedIn posts and comments to drive more inbound sales.


Discover and learn B2B sales strategies for selling on LinkedIn

Start scaling your sales

Every aspect of your B2B Sales Panel connected in our sales tool


With our dashboards, you will be able to analyze the impact of your sales team and take decisions based on accurate data.

Schedule posts

Your team now can schedule LinkedIn posts and generate leads through building audience and engaging.

Lead Finder

Get access to +1.2M B2B verified leads across Spain


We have +10 recorded sessions and qulity material so that your team takes the most out of WaLead.

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