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Discover the best B2B sales techniques on LinkedIn

Explore exclusive courses taught by influential LinkedIn personalities.

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WaLead is your intuitive CRM that combines sales and marketing, saving you hours of work.

Exclusive courses

Enhance your skills with access to videos and resources in PDF format.

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Learn to sell on LinkedIn with WaLead Accelerator


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Explore among all the available courses in WaLead and select the one that best suits your needs.


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Enjoy short and dynamic videos, and download PDF documents to access educational resources at any time.


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Begin your learning journey with LinkedIn influencers and B2B sales experts.


WaLead is your CRM, easy and intuitive

Meet your company's sales needs and save dozens of hours of work

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Explore exclusive courses with WaLead Accelerator

1. Learn from leaders in B2B sales and LinkedIn

2. Enhance your skills with courses designed by experts

3. Access exclusive videos and PDF resources

Power your professional journey

1. We highlight the 'On Fire' course

2. Evaluate the course and contribute to the community

3. Elevate your professional LinkedIn profile

Master the art of B2B sales on LinkedIn

1. Discover effective sales strategies on the platform

2. Become an expert in lead generation on LinkedIn

3. Develop key skills for the B2B sales

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Is there an additional cost to access WaLead Accelerator?

No, access to WaLead Accelerator is included in your WaLead subscription and does not incur additional costs.

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What is the duration of the courses in WaLead Accelerator?

The duration of the courses can vary depending on the instructor; there is no predefined length. It depends on the individual delivering the course and the complexity of the content.

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What type of content can I find in WaLead Accelerator?

Courses in WaLead Accelerator provide content through videos and/or documents in PDF format. PDFs are available for download, allowing you to save and access the content at any time.

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What does it mean for a course to be "On Fire" in WaLead Accelerator?

A course highlighted as "On Fire" in WaLead Accelerator indicates that it is particularly popular or highly rated within the community, suggesting it is a standout choice for users.

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